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IVF Success Rates
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When it comes to infertility treatments you really only have two options; natural or medical. This short article is going to go over both of these options and highlight some of the pros and cons for each method. However, if you're looking for a way to get pregnant which is virtually guaranteed, take a look at some of the programs reviewed on this site.

Natural Infertility Treatments

Natural infertility treatments are generally of the holistic type and revolve around general wellness including both your physical and mental state.

Physical Therapy

Clear Passage Physical Therapy provide a holistic infertility treatment which focuses on releasing adhesions in and around your reproductive areas. This technique is called the Wurn Technique and it basically involves massage and movement to work these adhesions out. The idea is that once your system is cleared of these adhesions, your natural reproductive system will function better, giving you a better chance of conception.


Acupuncture infertility treatments are another physical therapy which is slightly more invasive. For those of you who don't know what acupuncture is, it basically involves sticking long sterile needles into specific points in your body. Continued below....

The purpose is to block, or unblock, certain pathways to regulate bodily functions. In terms of treating infertility, acupuncture is used directly to help regulate the thyroid gland which produces all the necessary hormones needed to get pregnant.

The BEST Infertility Treatment

Pregnancy Miracle offers the best value, of ALL infertility treatments, giving you a complete step-by-step system which virtually guarantees that you'll get pregnant within 2 months. You can download this guide anytime online and it comes with some personal coaching with Lisa Olsen to help you get started. The great thing about this program is that it pulls everything else together into one easy to follow ebook. A lot of women suffer information overload when it comes to infertility. Pregnancy Miracle is the best solution.

Medical Infertility Treatments

If you want to go down the road of getting professional medical intervention, the most likely first step is to start with some fertility drugs. The doctors will most likely give the usual advice first about your diet and exercise. They'll want to make sure you're not drinking alcohol or coffee as well as taking some sort of folic acid, vitamin supplements and also iron supplements. Not many doctors will offer to prescribe the serious drugs until you've tried out the ones above.


The daddy of all infertility treatments is undoubtedly IVF. Even though the IVF cost is very high while IVF success rates are relatively poor, this treatment remains very popular as it is seen by most as the only viable option. Unfortunately most couples don't usually try many of the other infertility treatments prior to doing IVF. The usual scenario is usually that a couple will try to get pregnant on their own for a year, or maybe two years. If they don't get pregnant naturally during this time, they just straight into panic mode and do IVF.

IVF basically involves creating a test tube baby by combining an egg and a sperm together in a laboratory. The process to get the eggs is the big part of IVF. This involves heavy daily hormone injections and lots of testing and surgeries. The whole process is very stressful and not very holistic, which probably explains why the success rates are so low.

Intrauterine Insemination

The next most common infertility treatment is IUI, also known as Intrauterine Insemination. This process involves a medical procedure to implant sperm directly into a woman's cervix. It's pretty much like having sex without the sex. This procedure is not something that most couples opt for as the success rates are not that much better than doing it the natural way.

Infertility Treatments

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